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Kids Say The Darnedest Things, But Let’s Help Them To Speak Properly

Not just any kids; rather special kids, actually. And you are a rather special mom and dad, reading this tonight. Finally, your special child has drifted off to sleep. You have finally got a couple of hours to yourself. You are tired, and it’s been an exhausting day. Listening to what your child had to say, or at least, he tried his best to express himself clearly to you, was part of the reward of your day.

No matter how difficult it is to comprehend what your child is trying to say, you regard your child, a special one at that, as a blessing. Bless your soul for that. At this time of your life, you are rather fortunate, because help is at hand for both you and your special child. You have all the talent in the world, and you have all the grace in the world that defines you as a good parent. And some are saying that your child has even more talent.

Somehow, and understandably, you find this hard to believe. If only you could understand what the heck he was trying to do. Kids say the darnedest things anyhow, but this child! Help is around the corner for you and your special child. By the time you have laid this note to rest and have turned your head peacefully over your pillow, you will be thinking of your mission to dial up the children’s verbal behavior therapy specialist.

And tomorrow sometime you will be learning how this dedicated specialist is going to turn your child’s life around for the better. You will be happy, and you will also be reminded that having an autistic child is indeed a gift.